• Seminário publicado pela revista científica The Lancet sobre a persistência da doença de Chagas como problema de saúde pública. Autores: Andréa Silvestre, Debbie Vermeij, Alejandro Luquetti e Alberto Novaes.

  • In the month of 2022 World Chagas Disease Day, the CUIDA Chagas project published a short communication in the Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical. In the article, the main researchers and the project director comment on the current panorama of Chagas Disease in the world and in Latin America, as well as [...]

  • On the 2022 World Chagas Disease Day, the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Brazilian Ministry of Health published a special epidemiological bulletin on chronic Chagas Disease. Territorialization and Vulnerability are the words that guide the analysis of chronic Chagas disease in this continental country. The Brazilian Ministry of Health is a co-financier [...]

  • We provide the Clinical Protocol Recommendations Report and Therapeutic Guidelines (PCDT) for Chagas disease in Brazil. The material was produced by the National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies in the Unified Health System (CONITEC), of the Ministry of Health of Brazil. These guidelines guide the implementation research of the CUIDA Chagas project. Download [...]